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Eve Taylor Facials

Beauty treatments and holistic treatments

Eve Taylor Facial Taylor Facial - £36
Eve Taylor is an Aromatherapy based skincare range which uses the finest ingredients and the best quality essential oils. I will prescribe the best products for your skin type and also be able to provide you with homecare advice and products from the range.
Eve Taylor products do not contain Mineral oil, Lanolin, SD alcohol, or Artificial fragrance.This relaxing facial begins with a skin consultation followed by a double cleanse, tone, exfoliate, relaxing massage to the head, neck and shoulders finishing with a masque and moisturise - all to suit your skin type *while your masque is working its magic I give you a lovely head massage

Eve Taylor Express Facial
- £25
Double cleanse, tone, massage, tone & moisturise. You can be back to work within the hour.!!

Eve Taylor Collagen Facial
- £40

This facial is perfect for the more mature skin it will also help with fine lines and wrinkles. As we get older we lose the elastin in our skin. Collagen is a type of protein that is produced naturally in skin and connective tissue, and it plays an instrumental role in keeping skin firm and giving it shape. The collagen mask is designed to counteract this effect.

To add
luxury to all of these treatments you can add and an eye mask or lip mask £5.00

Add a lovely Back Wrap with detoxing properties or back scrub £5.00

Galvanic Facial
is an electrical facial which gives a very deep cleanse and is very good for fine lines and wrinkles.

Single treatment - £40  Course of 6 treatments - £220 (Saving £20)

Payment options available.



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