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Holistic Treatments

Beauty treatments and holistic treatments

Beauty treatments and holistic treatments

Swedish Massage is great for improving your circulation and to elimate toxins, and can help to alleviate muscle pain. Great for your wellbeing. WOMAN ONLY

Full Body                                60mins                     £35.00
Back Neck and Shoulders-  30mins                     £27.00
Back Massage                      20 mins                     £25.00

Hot Stones Massage

Full Body                   
Back Neck and Shoulders     £29.00

Indian Head Massage        £25.00
Helps relieve mental and physical
tiredness, it is a massage of the
upper back, neck, shoulders, face
and skull.


Hopi ear Candling

Hopi ear candling can be used to help a        £16.00
variety of conditions including Tinnitus,
Sinusitis, Tension Headaches and Vertigo.

 Body Treatments

Spray Tan
Full Body £25.00

Eve Taylor Body Therapy

Fully body options:              £45 

Relaxing Treatment
  to include a Self Heating Body  Wrap

this wrap is a c
ombination of Spirulina, Laminaria and Marine Silt.

This wrap shows greater therapeutic effects than other clays.             


Or Detoxifying Treatment to include a Marine Mud Wrap this wrap is a

Combination of Laminaria and Horse Chestnut it is finely ground calcified seaweed.

This has a high absorbency into the body.      

Both treatments include a full body exfoliation either with a marine salt scrub or

An exfoliating mousse which contains poppy seeds and black pine,

Followed by a body treatment oil to suit skin type,

Then to hydrate the skin a Rescue and Repair Moisturiser.

Whilst the Wrap is working its magic you will receive a heavenly head massage to soothe the mind.

Full Body  Anti Cellulite Firming Treatment         £45

This treatment is a detoxifying and firming treatment. The key ingredients help regenerate skin and strengthens the tissues mechanical properties, improving tightness, firmness, suppleness and elasticity.  Inhibits fat storage and thus helping to prevent cellulite.

Part body options:                                                 £28
Detox Treatment – Thighs, Bums and Tums

Cellulite Treatment –

Firming Treatment

Firming Treatment
Bums and Tums

Firmimg Treatment

Firming Treatment
upper arms

Back Treatment-

Back Treatment-

All treatments include Exfoliation, body treatment oil,
Toning or Elimination Mask and either Cellu-lose cream or Ice Tone Cream.

Whilst you are relaxing with your Body Mask on you will receive a heavenly head massage to soothe the mind.

 Full Body Maritime salt Scrub Exfoliation £28
This treatment will stimulate the skin and leave it feeling soft and refreshed.  The removal of surface skin cells allows a better and more even absorption of further key ingredients used in our moistures.  Great to have as a treatment before your holiday!